Makar appointment

Some catching up to do, posting my Makar-related activities over the last 9 months. We’ll start back in October with my appointment, which was confirmed in a ceremony at the City Chambers by Lord Provost Frank Ross. Here, below, is a photo from the event.

Also there were friends from the worlds of writing, art, publishing and diplomacy, including previous Makars Christine De Luca, Valerie Gillies and Stewart Conn.  (In the left foreground of the picture is the Japanese Consul General, Mr Daisuke Matsunaga)


Here’s a poem of mine I read out – a sonnet no less – not written for the occasion, but appropriate in terms of the season, the sense of passing time.



Sometimes you hear a perfect sonnet line,
spoken in passing, the word on the street
fall easily but as if by design
into that good, old, pentameter beat.
So on this late September afternoon,
summer winding down, shading into fall,
the day, the year, this life, passing too soon,
I almost hear the meaning of it all
as a young mother calls out to her son
running daft in this scrap of city park.
She calls, knowing this time will soon be done,
but as if love might yet hold back the dark,
‘Just play a while and then we have to go.’
Just play a while, and then we have to go.


More to follow, soon. Watch this space!

Alan (Spence)