Launch of The Café Review – Scottish Poetry Issue

Cafe Review launch

Launch of Café Review

The launch of a Scottish issue of The Café Review took place at Blackwell’s Bookshop on Friday 28th July.  The Editor of the journal, Steve Luttrell, came across from Portland, Maine for the event.  I had the joy of guest-editing the journal but the unenviable task of selecting around 30 poets to represent the contemporary poetry scene in Scotland.  Given we have so many gifted poets, I found this really difficult.  It would have taken the whole year, four issues, to do a half-decent coverage.

However, select I did, and they all sent in wonderful poems.   Nineteen of the contributors were able to attend the launch and read a poem.   Two of the three artists also attended.

The photo shows, among others, poets Jane McKie, Patricia Ace, Ron Butlin, Christie Williamson, Gerry Cambridge, Chrys Salt, Andy Jackson, Anna Crowe and Yvonne Gray.