Poem for workers in facilities management at the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

A complex set of buildings to look after at Holyrood

The Scottish Parliament

We have facilities management.

We have hard services and soft services,
soft landscaping and hard landscaping.

We have a palette of materials,
steel, concrete, Kemnay granite, oak.

We have the skin of the building
and we have the guts of the building.

We have legacy issues.

We have bamboos and trigger panels,
we have towers with bows and sterns.

We have LED lights
and we have Queensberry House.

We have iconic status,
and we have shifting relationships.

We have asset replacements.

We have canopy roofs and an underground car park.
We have forced and natural ventilation.

We have half-height plant rooms
and a door 8 metres high opening onto a light well.

We have broadcast cabling, air handling units, manometers,
we have a gas-fired flow-and-return system.

We have biodiversity.

We have foraging pigeons,
and we have spikes, netting, a contracted hawk.

We have apple trees and beehives,
we have wild tails and an amenity lawn.

We have cherry-pickers and abseilers.
We have two points of contact, always.

We have complexity.

Ken Cockburn

with thanks to David Cameron, Facilities Management