Poem for street-lighting workers

Street lighting

Street lighting keeps us safely on the move

Street Lighting


Red. Red. Red.


Red. Green. Yellow.


Yellow. Red. Green. Red.

Ours. Hours.

Reaching up, the light
is pulled by light.

Reaching up,
a flame,
a globe,
a flash,
a shine.

Wet cobble stones.
Wet pavement.

Streaks of…

red. Green. Red.

Yellow, green.

White. Red.

Smoke, footsteps, steam,
wheels turning,
tyres turning,
time a gas lamp,
street lamp burning.

Green. Yellow. Red.
White. Yellow. Yellow.
Red. Green. Yellow. Green. White

lamp in the distance,
night comes on.

The glass globes

all this time,
the city, hours, ours.

J L Williams