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About Christine De Luca

Christine De Luca (nee Pearson) was born and brought up in Shetland, spending her formative years in Waas (Walls) on the west side of the mainland. She now lives in Edinburgh. She writes in English and in Shetland dialect which is a blend of Old Scots with much Norse influence. Shetland dialect is a lively mother tongue, still vibrant and enjoyed both for its onomatopoeic quality and its classlessness. Her main interest is poetry, but she is also active in promoting work with Shetland children and has written dialect stories for a range of age-groups. In addition to this, her first novel, And then forever was published in 2011. She has been appointed Edinburgh's poet laureate (Makar) for 2014-2017

The Stars are a Map I Unfurl

Here’s a project I worked on with Kyra Pollitt (translator) and David Bell (kinetic typographer) to translate a British Sign Language (BSL) poem by Gary Quinn firstly into a poem in English and then into a kinetic version.  The final piece, called The Stars are a Map I Unfurl, also features a version of the poem in Shetlandic.  All these creative interpretations are based on the epic solo voyage of Gerry Hughes who is profoundly deaf.

You can read more about the project on the Scottish Poetry Library’s Website.