Monthly Archive: August 2018

Thali Katori

Continuing the recap, in October I organised  a reading at Citadel Books to promote Thali Katori, a new anthology of Scottish / South Asian poems. Other poets taking part were Bashabi Fraser and Alan Riach (editors of the anthology) and former Makars Christine De Luca and Valerie Gillies, along with Indian-born poets Shampa Ray and Jameela Muneer.


I’m not an animal, I’m not a man,
I am a god – I Am since time began.
God of Beginnings, Guardian at the Gate,
I’m Lord of Thresholds, transcend time and fate.

What you see is the form that I assume.
Here I am, the elephant in the room –
proboscis, tusks, pot belly, flapping ears.
Light on my feet, I’ll dance away your fears.

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles,
performer of everyday miracles.
Your children know me well, each avatar –
I’m Horton, Dumbo, Kala Nag, Babar.

But yes, those obstacles – who put them there?
Now, offer me your mantra, homage, prayer.
Aum Ganeshaya Nama – chant my name.
Aum Ganeshaya Nama – chant my name.