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A-Z Poems at the City Art Centre

Poetry at the City Art Centre

Booklet of poems by local poets for the exhibition

The final poetry reading to coincide with the Edinburgh Alphabet Exhibition at the City Art Centre took place today (27th September 2017).   There were lovely poems by Jenni Daiches, Dorothy Lawrenson, Patricia McCaw, LesleyMay Miller and a reprise from Jane Aldous.  We had beer & boots, the Forth Railway Bridge, makers of airships, ceramics and the Washerwomen on Calton Hill among other subjects.  The poems definitely captured the Z is for Zeitgeist!   Thanks are due to all the local poets who took part in these July and September readings in our wonderful city museums.

A-Z Poetry at the City Art Centre

Poetry at the City Art Centre

City Art Centre poetry reading

There are three short poetry events in September to highlight the current exhibition (Edinburgh Alphabet) and the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology: half an hour of gentle promenading round the exhibition at the City Art Centre, stopping here and there for a poem.   Gallery stools available if you need a seat.  Entrance is free and there’s a bonus – a free copy of lots of themed poems by local poets.  All welcome!

Dates and times are: Saturday 16th 11a.m – 11.30am;  Friday 22nd 11a.m – 11.30am;  Wednesday 27th 11a.m – 11.30am

The photo shows poets Jane Bonnyman, Kevin Cadwallender. Anne Connolly, Joy Hendry and Anita John with audience at the first reading.  We all enjoyed it!