Monthly Archive: December 2015

Edinburgh’s Unsung – The Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works

A day out at the 'Sewage Works'!

What have I let myself in for?

I’ve been thinking for some time that in our city there are many unsung who perform vital functions.

Could I hold down a job at Veolia, the company which operates the Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works on behalf of Scottish Water? Definitely not!  It’s an amazing place with a small, highly skilled workforce looking after a state-of-the-art multi-million pound investment.   I was given a fascinating tour recently by the Operations Controller, Scott Mitchell.

I’m just tidying up a poem for them.  But meanwhile one or two photos.  And no, I didn’t have to wash my hair and all my clothes when I got home!

Makar at work

Trying to make myself useful

Biology, chemistry & physics in action

Six huge ‘digestors’ get to work